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Peek of Fashion - Consulting For Your Wardrobe, Home or Office.
Jennifer Miles-Peek 
How did I get started building 
Peek of Fashion?  
My husband and I decided that I would stay home with our two sons, who are only 17 months apart. It was a far cry from working in the public sector and I lost sight of myself. I slowly started giving up and paid less and less attention to myself, to fashion, to home decor and organization! 
At some point, I decided to make time to organize my house, starting with my closet. I tried on everything I owned and organized piles of the things I would keep, the things I would try to consign, and things I would donate. Once my closet contained the items that I truly liked and the clothes that I thought looked good on me, I felt a change in my 
 When I went shopping, I only bought clothes that made me feel fabulous! I began the same philosophy for the rest of the house, only keeping what I really liked and moving furniture around to better suit the utility of each piece. Selling things I didn't need, didn't use or no longer wanted, made me money toward buying furniture pieces and decor to organize the home. For years after that, I consulted for family and friends as favors, but in 2011, I was convinced that I could make a company for myself and help others at the same time.  
Peek Of Fashion was born!

 "Jennifer, you are a rock star! The additions to my wardrobe you helped me select make me feel so much better and confident about what I’m wearing each day. The girls in my vanpool and at the office are in awe of how well my outfits are put together. This was my best expenditure of money in years, and I'm not just talking about the clothes. The experience and your advice were a great investment! I can’t thank you enough!" -Karen Konoske, client

Let me help you take organization and fashion to a whole new level!!!

Liven up your look! Decorate your space! Organize your closet or home office!
It will be "Fashion Therapy" and a whole lot of fun!

"I went to Jennifer for help building a professional wardrobe.  I told her how much money I was able to spend and bit about my personal style, and she prepared a list of pieces to find, where to look for them, and how much I should aim to spend on each one. Thanks to her advice, I found clothes that make me feel professional, put-together, and stylish, and I did it without overspending my budget!" 
- Laurie Pickard,client
I am trustworthy, dependable and confidential.

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